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sex toy cleaning spray manufacturer

Not sure what to look for in a sex toy cleanser? Del Monte suggests shopping with the same guidelines you would use for an intimate cleanser: Avoid parabens, dyes, and fragrances when possible.

You can also opt for a cleanser made specifically for sex toys, like ROMO Foaming Toy Cleaner. These formulas workable for a variety of toy surfaces—like glass, silicone, and metal—to ensure your bedroom bestie is properly sanitized. Just don't forget to give extra attention to porous materials, like jelly and plastic, which are more likely to hold on to germs. Once your toy is cleaned and thoroughly dried, place it in a clean dry storage area, like a bag or pouch. This small step prevents it from accumulating dust and other germs when not use—and keeps it ready to go for your next solo or partner session.

Main ingredients are Polyhexamethylene, we also can custom produce clients own brand toy cleaner, welcome inquiry us by email:


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