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Best Selling Water Based Lubricants

Each lube has its own special features and drawbacks. Lubricants make things slippery and reduce friction, making it perfect for fucking. It can also make sex easier on your skin and your junk, reducing irritation and pain (and the chance of STI transmission). Flavoured lubes can change up the menu for blowjobs as well.

Water-based lubricants have a lot of fans in the sex toy usage, as they are compatible with all sex toys, no matter what material they’re made out of. They’re also much easier to clean up, making them a boon when you’re in the mood to get sloppy. water-based lubes tend to dry up far more quickly than silicone-based lubes. So if lubrication is an issue, make sure you have more of your favorite water-based lubes on hand

Water based lubricants are to be made of water mainly. They don’t cause any ‘sticky feeling’, can be washed off thoroughly with water, however they can dry up. The silicone based lubricants are very economical to use, have a long lasting effect, however it’s more difficult to remove them from the skin, such as only with water and soap. Water based lubricants suppliers.


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