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Special flavored oral condoms

There are a huge variety of fragrances which condom factories could add into condoms, which will make love more romantic. Condom is not going to taste like filet mignon, they might taste more like bacon actually. Yes there are bacon flavored condoms whether you believe it or not. Condom won't taste like Lobster, Sushi, or Tiramisu either, they are pretty limited in the taste department due mainly to the condom manufacturing process. It's actually not the condoms themselves that are flavored but the lubricant or powder that is applied to the condom during production of the succulent jimmies.

If you plan on starting the evening with oral sex, a flavored condom might be right for you. Even if you just want to experiment with your partner, try adding some spice with a mint or vanilla flavored condom.

If you want to custom private label flavored oral condoms, please contact us by email.


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