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super dotted and ribbed condom

Contoured Condom is a type of supper dotted and ribbed condom. It has the textured patterns dots and ribs on the surface. They are designed to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners during intercourse.

Romo contoured condom is made of premium quality natural rubber latex, with width 52mm and length 180mm mininum. It is packed in 3pcs box.

By using contoured condom, it can increases stimulation. The raised textures on the condom can create additional sensations and stimulation for both partners. This can lead to heightened pleasure and a more enjoyable sexual experience.

The variation in contoured condom can help increase arousal by providing a different sensory experience, leading to a more exciting and fulfilling sexual encounter. Contoured condoms can add an element of novelty and excitement to couples' sex lives.

Super dotted and ribbed condom manufacturer can customize client's own brand, logo or picture. Welcome inquire us for more details.

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