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latex probe cover or latex finger cots

As a latex production company, we not only can produce latex condom and latex glove, we also can produce latex finger cots and latex probe cover. The latex ultrasound probe covers are the cost-effective solution for your everyday procedures.

Recommended for transvaginal or transrectal procedures. The narrow width latex covers are rolled for easy application to a variety of curved array transducers. An extended length in the larger sizes of latex offers additional sterile coverage during general puncture and drainage procedures. Latex covers are packaged with sterile gel packet and colored elastic bands.

Finger Cots are ideal for handling small parts where a full glove is not required. Most of our finger cots are anti static and powder free for clean room, electronic, industrial, and general purpose applications. They are available as Anti Static Finger Cots, Black Static Dissipative Finger Cots, Latex Finger Cots, and Nitrile Finger Cots. They are made to minimize the effects of perspiration, body oils, salts, and hand cream. They are also used to keep moisture and dirt out of cuts or stitches.

As we have enough experience of latex dipping production, so welcome send us your requirements of latex product, such as latex probe cover and the finger cots, you can email us , our engineers will work for you:


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