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intimate lubricant private label manufacturer

Intimate sexual lubricants are primarily sold through retail channels such as sex specialty stores, boutiques, supermarkets, mass-market players, drug stores or pharmacies, and grocery stores. Hence, retail sales constitute a majority market share and is likely to remain the dominant distribution channel in the global sexual lubricant market. The entry of condom manufacturers in the market has increased the sale of personal lubricant through retail stores such as sex specialty stores and supermarkets worldwide. Online sale is gaining traction and emerging as a popular distribution channel for buying personal lubricants.

Market lubricant Type:

  • Water-based

  • Silicone-based

  • Oil-based

  • Hybrid

The best sell are the water based lube, the second are the silicone based lube, which always use as anal lube. As a professional lube producer approved by ISO/CE, we can custom produce clients own label lubricants, MOQ is 10000 tubes, welcome email us:


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