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extra small size condoms

The smallest condom to provide a snugger tighter fit for reliable comfort and performance.

Sized at 49mm, SLIMFIT is Extra Thin, Silky and Strong - Both Partners will Feel the Difference and tight skin feeling of each others.

Condoms come in many sizes, including smaller sizes for men who prefer a snug fit. Small condoms should be used if the penis is: Average or above-average in circumference but shorter in length Average in length but smaller in circumference Shorter in length and smaller in circumference. More than the length of the penis, it is the circumference that matters when it comes to condom size. The width of a smaller condom may range between 45-51 mm.

There are total 3 sizes in our molds, small size 49x170mm, regular size 52x180mm and XXL 55x190mm, these 3 sizes can cover most consumers worldwide, or we also can custom produce clients own size which differ than current stocks.

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