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delay ejaculation condom custom factory

Traditional condoms are not designed to decrease sensation, their sole purpose is to protect from STDs and unwanted pregnancies. However, some condoms are designed to help increase male stamina. In the noble pursuit of increasing your bedroom endurance, there are a few things to look for in a condom.

Benzocaine in the condom's tip will help to delay premature ejaculation to make the love longer, so we call it delay ejaculation condom. In EU and China market, which belong to medical class III goods, not class IIB, So which will need the EC Design Examination Certificate. Climax control condoms include a specially formulated in-condom lubricant that contains benzocaine. This helps to delay ejaculation by gently numbing the tip of the penis. This is temporary and can help desensitize the most sensitive area of the penis.

welcome inquiry us to custom produce your own brand delay ejaculation condoms. MOQ only 10000 pcs. Email:


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