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Candy & Chocolate Flavored condoms for men & women

Chocolate flavored condom is a type of condom designed for increased pleasure during sexual intercourse. It has a unique flavor, reminiscent of melted chocolate, that enhances stimulation and maximizes pleasure. Which also can make sex reach orgasm more easily. The condom is thicker than a regular one, providing a heightened sensation and safety. The lubricant used is also infused with the chocolate flavor, ensuring that the sensation remains throughout the entire experience.

Flavoured condoms are also specifically designed for oral sex, they also can used for vaginal sex, making the entire experience more enjoyable and romantic. The flavoured coating helps mask the coating of latex, and enables you to enjoy the flavour mentioned on the box. Which really is a romantic process for all of you, why not only use a classic condom without any tastes? Flavoured condoms are designed to ensure safety, and to heighten the entire sexual experience through the flavour on the coating of the condom.

As a custom condom maker from China, we have world top level quality control system, and approved by ISO/CE/WHO standards, our expertise in condom and lube's production make us has huge advantage in quality control and new products innovation, welcome to inquiry us by email!



Contact: Olya


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