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Custom best condom for male with delay comdom

The delayed condoms we manufacturer, as the name suggests, can help men prolong sex by delaying ejaculation to a certain extent. Delayed condoms often contain lubricants or creams containing benzocaine, a chemical known for its desensitizing properties. When a man's penis is exposed to benzocaine, it reduces the sensation for a few minutes, allowing a man to last a few more minutes.

Delayed condoms can be a blessing in disguise for those with premature ejaculation problems. It can make your partner happy for the most part because she can enjoy vaginal penetration, even if it lasts longer than normal. But this comes with health warnings. Few men have been found to be allergic to benzocaine and experience redness, itching, swelling or irritation when exposed to benzocaine. In this case, it is advisable to stop using the condom immediately and try natural methods to ejaculate longer. We can add benzocaine according to customer's needs and produce your own brand of delay condoms.

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