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Custom 80ml Lubricant Water Based Lube Personal Lubricant for Couples Private Label

As a professional lubricant factory, we can accept OEM/ODM sex lubricant and sex lubricant to meet customers' needs, packaging design sex lubricant water-based pain relief gel adult sex oil anal lubrication.

Water Lubricant is a premium pure water-based lubricant that provides the long-lasting glide of silicone while also providing a wetter, lighter weight blend texture that is smooth and easy to rinse off. Water surprisingly feels like your own natural moisture and is the ideal enhancer because it doesn't dry out and is non-irritating so you can enjoy it.

Lubricants have the following advantages;

Strong stretch and good elasticity.

Water soluble, non-greasy, non-toxic.

No residue, no stimulation, no side effects, safe and reliable.

Stimulate libido, increase sensitivity, enhance pleasure.

Enhance vaginal lubrication and elasticity, reduce friction or pain.

Suitable for body massage or lubricating, moisturizing vagina, anus.

If you want to OEM/ODM your own brand lubricant, please contact us.



Contact: Olya


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