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condom manufacturing machine

As a manufacturer of condom production dipping lines, electronic testing machines for pinhole testing as well as lab equipment for the measurement of burst volume and burst pressure of condoms and a lab machine for the detection of pinholes as per international quality standards. We also develop the software required for the statistical evaluation of condom testing as well as for machine control and process data storage.

As we have fully experience in condom producing, so we have enough knowledge of condom's know-how, and good at the condom's innovation and improvement. Furthermore, we design, develop and build turnkey condom factories for our customers, including all the machines, production know-how and training programs required for the management and employees. We already success

fully help India, China and African clients build their own condom facility, We deliver all the necessary documentation to support and facilitate our customers in achieving ISO 13485 certification. As you can see from our supply lists, we had supplied condom machines and know-how to many well-known condom manufacturers worldwide.

We can arrange our engineers help you in site and train your local engineers and workers to make them master the technology of condom producing and packing. welcome inquiry our team:

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