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Best Condoms For Female Sex

Female condom is a soft, thin, safety pouch that’s inserted into the vaginal before sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases.

Our female condom is made of premium non latex material-polyurethane condom. The special material molecular structure makes sex love safer.

Female condoms also name internal condoms, condoms for female, women condom.

Specification of female condom:

Width: 78±2mm

Length: 180±10mm

Thickness: 0.065±0.015mm

Lubricant: silicone oil lubricated

Flavor: Non flavor

Color: Transparent

Packing: 1pc/sachet

We are custom condoms factory who can produce latex condoms and non latex condoms, male condoms and female condoms. Welcome contact us to customize the best quality female condom with your brand condom.


Whatsapp: 0086-191–5379-1397



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