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anal gel lubricant customized supplier

anal gel lubricant customized supplier

Anal intercourse needs a long lasting lube, so we announced the anal lube which is especially designed to make a water based lubricant for anal sex possible and comfortable.

Latex Friendly, Prevent cuts and hurting in your rectum with the right lube that is safe to be used with latex condoms and provides you with the lubricity that is needed for anal sensations.

Water Based, Profit from skin friendly, tasteless, odourless and colourless formula; profit from a lube for sex that is designed for your needs in anal intercourse

Be Safe, find the right lube for you and be safe during ass sex; prevent STIs with Anal Lubricant that gives you the right glide.

We can custom produce for your own label anal gel lubricants, MOQ is 10 000 packs, welcome inquiry us by email:

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