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Kinds Of Condom Testing Methods

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According to high standard ISO4074;2015, there are many ways to test condoms that avoid serious issues. These types of tests are what all governments use. Some tests measure the durability of the entire condoms, some test only part of the condom, and some test for holes. Some of the more natural tests involve testing empty condoms (or putting water in them). Condom testing involves taking a sample of condom base from a batch and calculating the sample that pass the test. The following is the main tested by condom manufacturer.

Electrical conductive test

Electronically tested have two ways, one is dry tested which you need to collate the machine many times a day. The other is tested under water which is more accurate. This is a non-destructive test suit for all condoms. Each condom is tested to check if it blocks electricity. An intact condom should not allow electricity to pass through it.

The following tests are all destructive, a tested condom cannot be sold.

Water leakage test

This test involves filling a condom with 10 ozs of water and looking for leakage.

Strength test

This test involves slicing a band from the shaft of a condom and testing its stretch-ability

Airburst test

A way used by many condom suppliers which inflates the condom with air until it bursts; the maximum volume of air tolerated is used as the measure of strength.

Some other tests are of the package (Outside package integrity, lubricant test) and a simulated aging test by warming the wrapped condom in an oven at 70° C.

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