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ROMEO brand condom are easily enter into the pharmacies or drug stores

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The ROMEO brand condoms are conform to the German and European quality standards natural rubber condom. Each item in the shop is electronically tested and is packed with the latest aluminum foil and is environmentally friendly lubricant.

The ROMEO condoms are one of the most practical means of contraception. In addition, it is the only one that provides effective protection against a range of sexually transmitted diseases due to its intended use.

The ROMEO brand condoms are easily accessible to anyone either in pharmacies or drug stores and even in some new hypermarkets and grocery store shelves as well.

Use after exercise does not affect sexual pleasure. The carefully designed four different types can offer new feelings and variations to your lasting relationship.

One of the basic things in parenting is to prevent unwanted pregnancy, which is the only instrument used by the boys. It is of equal importance to prevent the prevention of sexual diseases that can be avoided by the use of condoms.

Everyone is responsible for the safety of yourself and your partner! It is therefore important for the partners to negotiate the defense. Ask her friend to use a ROMEO brand condom and they will both automatically hold one piece for each chance.

With a running adventure, this little prudent precaution can save your life . Nevertheless, the condom must be protected from mechanical damage, it is not advisable to store it in a purse, fist, and permanently at temperatures above 30 ° C (or below 5 ° C) (see instructions for use).

Our factory produces the highest quality pair with the best possible price location. It is also the key to its market success, and thus the product is available to all consumers. Welcome to be our ROMEO distributors. Email:

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