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Verdict of Novelty Condoms

Now more and more consumer prefer to choose novelty condom for fun or they are really boring of normal types condom. But novelty condoms usually carry a warning states that they should not be used to prevent pregnancies or to protect against STDs, even through they has the basic Such warnings may reflect the fact the way in which the condoms are made. They may also simply be a sign that the condom manufacturer has not taken the time to put the condoms through the regulatory processes required to label condoms as effective for contraception and STD reduction.

Since there is no way to tell which of these categories any given novelty condom falls into, novelty condoms should not be used for safe sex. In general, when buying any non-standard condom product, it's a good idea to check the box. You want to make certain the condoms are actually approved for use during sex. Novelty condoms are not always clearly marked.

Therefore, I would strongly advise against storing any of these products with your safe sex supplies. That makes it much less likely that you will accidentally use a condom you should not be relying on. It is possible that novelty condom products and products designed to look like condoms may serve a role in making safe sex more acceptable. They might, for example, encourage people to talk about condoms. However, it is important to remember that safe sex is not a joke. It is an important part of sexual health in life, and you should never present a novelty condom to someone as a real thing. pls choose normal condoms if your main aim is to prevent from pregnancy.

we recommend use the novelty condom in couple, not the gold dig girl on street.

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