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condoms for girls

condom for girls

Not every man want to wear condom, some of them still prefer to choose the real skin feeling, which make the girl at risk. Female condoms are an alternative to regular male condoms. They provide pretty much the same great protection from pregnancy and STDs. What is the different about them? Instead of going on the penis, female condoms go inside women vagina for pregnancy prevention or into the vagina or anus for protection from STDs. They are sometimes called internal condoms.

Female condoms are becoming easier to find online shop, in stores, and at family planning centers. And you don’t need a prescription or an ID to buy them. They are a small, discreet, and portable way to get big protection from pregnancy and STDs. Since all the other condoms out there are worn on a penis, many female condom fans love that there is a condom they can control. Female condoms let you take charge of your sexual health. Even if your partner does not want to wear any condom, you can still protect yourself. The choice on female’s hand, you can make own decision wear or not.

Our company can produce female condom in latex and polyurethane material, welcome inquiry us, we also can produce it in clients own brand.

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