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The most straightforward variation in size is smaller and larger.

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Most condom manufacturers make their condoms of a difference size to each other. So different Brand standard condom is slightly different size. For this reason it is better for you to try different brands of condoms to find out which tends to fit the best for you. When we say the size of condoms we are talking about length and width. Length is normally straight forward from tip (end of the reservoir) to the base (the rim or bead of the condoms). Width however can differ at various points up and down the condom. It is for this reason that we have decided to measure the width at Base, width of the shaft and width at the head of the condom. We have the width 52mm and 55mm at present.

The most straightforward variation in size is smaller and larger. Condoms now differ in length from 160mm to over 210mm. Condoms can vary in width (of shaft) from 49mm all the way up to over 60mm. This is great news for those whom have a penis at either end of the spectrum. Different condom brands address these size variations differently. Some increase the overall size of all measurements and some increase width whilst keeping the length relatively.

Some brands are now producing condoms with different “fits”. Some condoms are slightly wider at the base of the condoms in an effort to make it easier to roll the condom down the length of the penis. Other brands are also beginning to use this method. If you want to buy larger and wider condom. Email:

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