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Long Love condom prolong the act of love making

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Our Long Love condoms help to prolong the act of love making with circulation stimulation effect.

And the fun never ends. Never be satisfied with anything less. The following is our specification

Extra Strong

Extra Strong and robust packing to protect the condom from mechanical damage.

We use the thick aluminium foil at the top and durable polymer film at the bottom.

Hermetically sealed to extend the shelf life of the condom.


Strong packing offers a secure place to keep condom before use.

The international standard requires a safe and strong condom which the packing provide.


Revolutionary aerodynamic shape boxes vision of sexual fantasies.

The appearance looks like a sexy body in front of you which arouse your desire.

Enjoy the special experience with your partner which will provide both of you to a quality

For more fun and safety, please choose our Long Love condoms.

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