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How long are condoms good for use after the manufacture date?

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Condoms are usually made of natural latex, most people find it impossible that even condoms can expire. Other materials used to make condoms are polyurethane , polyisoprene and lambskin..

Condoms usually have two dates which are printed on the foil wrapper or box to help you determine how long it will be good for use. The first one is always then expiration date (EXP) which is usually the date after which you should stop to use that condom. The other is the date of manufacture (MFG). Also each condom packaging will be printed with LOT.

The date of manufacture will let you know for how long the condom can be used for use. Usually, latex condoms can be expired 5 years after the date they were manufactured. However, if the latex condoms have spermicide, they will have a shorter shelf like of up to two years as the spermicides usually weaken the latex, making it degrade faster. Just don’t doubt the date of expiration with the date of manufacture.

It is important to know that condoms may be out of their efficiency even before their set date of expiry if they are not stored correctly. Condom manufacturers suggest that condoms should be stored the cool dry place such as your bedside table or in your medical cabinet. When stored in places like a wallet, car or in the pocket, they are likely to break very fast before their due date of expiry.

You and your partner should always check on the sides of the condom packet for the date of manufacture or the date of expiry before you use it. If you can’t ensure about the age of a condom, it’s better to abandon it and choose for a new one. An out of date condom is likely to lead to condom failure which will expose both you and your partner to unwanted pregnancies or STIs. Expired condoms will always be brittle, sticky or have an unusual colour.

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