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All ROMEO condoms inspection level is higher than international level

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All ROMEO condoms are manufactured confirm to ISO4074 and latest WHO specifications. We use the quality natural latex and add into the qualified vulcanization, promoter, ageing-resistant. Through the process of beforehand vulcanization, shaping and back vulcanization. All the products are electronically tested. After passed the test of pinhole leakage, mechanic and air burst, the products will be packaged in airtight condition. The testing results of condoms according to ASTM D3492, EN600, WHO GPA/TCO/PRV, GB7544. The result identify that the inspection level achieve the international level. All ROMEO condoms have been tested in conformance with the following test methods of ISO10993 Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices. When evaluated as per this standard, the condom is not toxic (local or Systemic), sensitizing, locally irritating or otherwise harmful. All ROMEO condoms are a thin, elastic sleeve to cover the penis during intercourse to prevent fertilization. Welcome to inquiry high quality ROMEO condom. Email:

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