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Who Uses Condom? See Condom Statistics

condom useage rate chart

Not everyone once use condom, but most young people prefer to choose it now due to the high rate of HIV at public. According to United Nations estimates, two-thirds of the people in the world have ready and easy access to condoms products. In the U.N. definition, "ready and easy" means that it takes less than two hours a month to buy condoms, and it costs less than 1 percent of a person's monthly take-home pay. But how and by whom these condoms are used varies dramatically from country to country based on a number of factors. Developed countries has good education and promotion of condom use, so the use rate is higher than developing area

The number of sexually active people using condoms has increased since the 1980s due to the spread of HIV. It is hard to tell exactly how the statistics have changed, though, since many studies before the '80s, especially those involving women, focused only on married people. British surveys report that in 1950, about 30 percent of men and women used a condom during their first intercourse. By 1990, that number had more than doubled. As a condom production company, we will announce new types condom to attract more young consumers like to choose condom as protection.

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