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001 Polyurethane Male Standard Size Condom

001 Polyurethane Male Condoms are 20% thinner than standard latex condoms. It bring you nothing feel! It is the standard size for added comfort and suitable for most people. Non-latex 001 PU condoms are a great choice for people with latex allergies. Some people prefer it because they offer different feeling from latex condoms. There are many different varieties of non-latex condoms, Such as polyurethane condom, lambskin condoms, Polyisoprene condom etc. We mainly produce polyurethane condoms which is very thin and soft.

Size: 54x180mm

Lubricated: Yes

Type & Style: Ultra Thin

Material: polyurethane

001 Polyurethane Male Condoms are stronger than the latex condom. It can transmit more body heat, allow you more sensitivity and pleasure. As a professional condom factories we produce types of condoms including latex condoms and non latex polyurethane condoms with your own logo. We can also offer you box and foil wrapper in bulk pack. Know more information, please contact us for more details.

Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-191-5379-1305

Contact: Linda


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