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desensitizer delay lubricant for long lasting

Desensitizer delay lubricant is a specialized product designed to reduce sensitivity and provide a longer lasting intimate experience. This lubricant has an advanced formula that numbs the skin on contact, helping to prevent premature ejaculation. It is easy to apply and is safe for vaginal and anal sex. Additionally, it can also be used as a massage cream or lotion to provide calming comfort.

This delay lubricant is water based lube which postpone Ejaculation and prolongs the love making. Delay lube adds to the fun by helping prolong sessions.

Use a good splash of the long-lasting formula, and see where the magic takes you. Toys and bodies are smoother with a good covering.

No sticky skin or tacky toys with this smooth water-based lubricant sex gel

The delay lubricant is long-lasting, Slick formular for enhancing sensation duiring play. So you want to enjoy longer time sex, you can choose this type spray. We can offer you 2 active ingredients, benzocaine or Lidocaine.

As a custom condom and lubricants factory approved by ISO/CE, We can also OEM your own brand Delay Lubricant with private label, please contact us.


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