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Vegan Natural organic Condoms Manufacturers

A vegan condom is a type of contraceptive device that is made using only cruelty-free, plant-based materials. Unlike traditional condoms, which may contain animal by-products, vegan condoms are free of all animal ingredients. Vegan condoms are safe and effective when used correctly, and provide an animal-friendly way to help prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Vegan Nature Condoms are crafted from sustainably-sourced, plant-based agroforestry latex, the condoms are formulated to promote safer pleasure-seeking while also being kinder to the planet. The vegan nature condom is designed to offer expert protection for your intimate moments, helping you find the perfect fit. 100% free from parabens, nitrosamines or glycerin.

As a custom latex condom factory, We can also OEM make your own brand vegan nature condoms, MOQ is 300, 000 units, please contact us by email to get more detailed specifications.

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