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surgical lubricating jelly

Surgical lubricating jelly is used as a lubricant for surgery, catheterization, and personal applications. It is comparable to KY Jelly, Astroglide or Allegiance personal lubricants. Like KY Jelly, Surgical lubricant is recommended for situations where a sterile, water-soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly is required.

Home medical situations where lube might be used include catheterization, lubricating exam gloves, or as a sexual lubricant. The gel is non-irritating to the skin, tissues, and mucous membranes, making it an excellent choice for lubricating intermittent catheters. Because of its unique properties, the Lubricating Jelly will not affect surgical instruments, rubber or plastics. It has proven reliable as a sterile and bacteriostatic medical lube for surgical instruments in hospital and clinical settings. It is a safe, reliable lubricant for home care or clinical use.

Lubricating Jelly mimics the body’s natural fluids. Because it is mostly water, free of dyes and unnecessary additives, it does not become sticky, tacky, clump, or flake. This means that during use, it will remain slick, and afterward, it will not leave behind an uncomfortable residue.

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