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super king size condom manufacturer

Super King size condoms are our widest and longest condoms which has a nominal width of 55mm and a length of 200mm for an better fit. Super King Size Condom designed for a large fit to feel comfortable, Non-Spermicidal lubricated, CE & ISO Approved Condoms, It is safe to use with water & silicon based lube. King Sized Condoms are a special Easy-Fit which are designed to make them easier to put on and for extra pleasure and comfort during use.

-55mm Width

-Smooth Shaft (Easy-Fit)

-Natural rubber latex

100% electronically tested with high quality

If you still think Super King Size condoms are not big enough, we also can custom produce more larger size condom for you, As a professional condom supplier and manufacturer, our engineers will work for you as one team together, welcome inquiry us by email:

Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-191-5379-1305

Contact: Linda


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