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sterile lubricating jelly sachets

As a medical device that is a water-soluble, sterile lubricating jelly intended for the smooth insertion of medical devices, and examinations.

Our sachets jelly are a great option when you only need a small amount of sterile lubrication, often. The sachets are available in 2.7g, 5g and 20g, so depending on the volume of lubrication you will need each time, there is a size to suit.

The water-soluble formulation is ideal for use during a range of procedures, including catheter insertion, to make the process more comfortable and reduce the risk of injury.

As a professional lubricating jelly factory approved by ISO/CE, We can custom produce clients own label sachets of sterile lubricating jelly, MOQ at 100 000 sachets, Lead time is about 40 days.

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