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Round package condom---NYC new Legend Design

Each city has their own slogan, such as I LOVE Shanghai, and Legend New York. To celebrate National Condom Awareness Day, Health Department today officially launched a brand new NYC Legend condom in round foil wrapper design. The design – a round, gold wrapper featuring a grid street map of New York City – received the most votes in an online contest of four New York City-themed designs.

Some City residents helped us select the condom design, so this is a condom by New Yorkers for New Yorkers, While the condom is new one, the message stays the same—have fun but remember to use the tools that help you lead a healthier, safer sex life and enjoy love freely.

New NYC Legend condom wrapper is the latest Health Department effort to re-energize the conversation around condoms, a fundamental component of the sexual health toolkit. A half century after the Health Department began distributing condoms in its STD Clinics, now known as our Sexual Health Clinics, New York City remains a leader in ensuring access to condoms and other safer sex products for all New Yorkers. If you has own idea of condom wrapper, welcome send us by email, our engineers are pleasure to make it come true.

As a professional condom manufacturer, we can help you build own brand if you interest in condom projects. if you plan build own design round shape foil condoms, this will make your brand looks luxury and make it outstanding from crowd competitor, welcome contact us by email to get more exact quotation: or

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