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round package condom---NYC Legend XL Condom

To celebrate National Condom Awareness Day, Health Department today officially launched a brand new NYC Legend XL condom wrapper design. The design – a round, gold wrapper featuring a grid street map of New York City – received the most votes in an online contest of four New York City-themed designs.

Some City residents helped us select the condom design, so this is a condom by New Yorkers for New Yorkers, While the condom is new one, the message stays the same—have fun but remember to use the tools that help you lead a healthier, safer sex life.

The new NYC Legend XL condom wrapper is the latest Health Department effort to re-energize the conversation around condoms, a fundamental component of the sexual health toolkit. A half century after the Health Department began distributing condoms in its STD Clinics, now known as our Sexual Health Clinics, New York City remains a leader in ensuring access to condoms and other safer sex products for all New Yorkers.

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