plant based lubricant benefits

Plant based personal lubricant is made with rich oils and butters that deliver outstanding performance. It facilitates your pleasure and replenishes your natural moisture without masking your skin and senses. Thoroughly researched, responsibly formulated with original, natural and certified organic ingredients, Plant based lubricant has the power to change your world from the inside.

  • Doubles as an intimate lubricant and a sensuous massage oil

  • Moisturizes and nourishes delicate intimate tissues

  • Soothes and conditions the skin, so no need to wash off

  • Hypoallergenic: formulated to minimize the risk of allergies

  • Not made with synthetic ingredients, chemicals and preservatives

Aloe vera is one of the most popular plant-based lubricant options because it is oil-free. As an organic aloe vera gel, Aloe Cadabra slides on smooth, is body-safe, and features a delightful cooling sensation. OEMcondom is a professional condom and lubricants maker, Welcome inquiry us by email to custom produce clients own label plant based lubricants.