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OEM Private label Quality Personal Lubricant

Personal lubricants that feel silky smooth to be touch, are long lasting and never sticky or tacky.

We focus on leading the way in consumer health. Our personal lubricants help people connect each other better. Remaining true to our founding purpose to provide quality personal care products that benefit the lives of consumers.

We can produce Water Based Lubricant, Silicone Lubricant, Flavored Lubricant, Delay lubricant, Warming Lubricant,etc.

Water Based personal lubricant are mostly used and has no smell or taste. It doesn’t leave any greasy, sticky feeling. In fact it leaves your skin smooth feeling.

Silicone Lubricant for long lasting love. It is specially designed for anal sex, it is safe for condoms.

Flavored Lubricant not only make oral sex taste better, but it can also add moisture and wetness.

As a professional OEM lube factory, we mainly produce and custom quality personal lubricant with client private label. Welcome contact us. Let’s provide quality personal lubricant that benefit the lives of consumers together.

Sales email:

Whatsapp: 0086-191-5379-1397

Contact: Rita


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