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OEM Lubricated Flavored Condoms

Flavoured Condoms can add fun to safe sex. It takes people sexual pleasure to another level.

Flavor condoms don't have the smell of latex rubber. People will experience different feeling with kinds of flavors.

Flavored condoms produced with high quality premium natural rubber latex, approved with ISO and CE.

It is super thin condom for an exciting sensory experience and enhanced sexual pleasure.

Super strength with reservoir tip for added safety and extra protection.

No latex smell and Extra lubricated with silicone for heightened sensation and to make everything feel fantastic, makes maximum comfort and pleasure.

Flavored condom can be smelled strawberry, banana, chocolate, vanilla, mint, etc. It gets you into a good mood increases excitement, boosts the sex drive which results into better sexual arousal and better orgasms.

Try different flavoured Condoms make something different for you tonight!

OEM condom flavored with private label. Welcome inquire us.

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