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non reservoir tip condoms manufacturer

Most condoms in the market are made from natural latex consisting of a reservoir tip and base ring that is connected by a thin latex tube in the latex dipping tank. There are a top side and a downside to each condom. When the condom bag is opened, the side where the reservoir tip is pointing up, unimpeded, is the top. To apply, the tip of the reservoir is pinched between two fingers, while the ring is then rolled over the erect penis.

Now we produced the non reservoir condom in extra thickness for anal use, some condom brand also choose it as oral condom, the tip always make the oral disgusting, so they prefer to choose the non reservoir condom with the good tastes, such as peach tastes are the best choice.

As a professional OEM condom factory approved by ISO/CE, welcome inquiry us to produce your own brand non tip condom:


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