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Non Latex Polyurethane female condoms girl condoms

Girl condom is produced by polyurethane materials, also known as "internal" condoms -is a substitute for conventional condoms. Non -latex polyurethane females are worn by women in all ages made of high -tech polyurethane materials. It does not contain a bacteric agent. If you need additional lubrication, it can only be used with water -based gel.

They provide excellent protection with pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The internal condom does not perform the penis, but instead enters the internal vagina to prevent pregnancy or vagina or anus to protect sexually transmitted diseases. For a long time, they are called "women's condoms". However, people of any gender can use them for vaginal or anal sex.

We have our own women's condom production line, providing only the best quality products to get final protection during sexual activities. Please contact us.



Contact: Olya

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