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Non Latex Polyurethane Condoms Manufacturer

If you have latex allergies and are looking for products that can make your sex life safer, things are looking up. It may be worth some experimentation with one of the polyurethane condoms on the market. They may also be a better option than latex condom for some people because of latex allergy

Non-Latex with the Strength of Premium Latex

Straight Shape with Reservoir Tip

Long-Lasting Smooth Lubricant

Natural Color

Protection against STI and Pregnancy if used properly

The Non Latex Polyurethane Condoms are super thin provice you with maxium sensitivity. As an OEM/ODM condom manufacturer, we can custom your own brand latex free condoms, please contact us.

Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-191-5379-1305

Contact: Linda


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