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Flavored Sexy Lube Premium Personal Lubricant Producer With Client Own Logo

Most flavored lubricants on the market are water-based lubricants and have a variety of flavors. You can get strawberry, watermelon, cherry, raspberry and other fruit flavors, as well as vanilla cream, mint, cinnamon, chocolate and other dessert flavors. The Flavor Sexy Edible Lubricant does not contain sugar, gluten or dyes, and will not stain the sheets. These edible lubricating oils are carefully formulated to keep you free. These delicious tastes are just like real tastes, without artificial aftertastes.

Flavored lubricants can greatly promote your love life. Flavored lubricants can bring a lot of fun during oral sex. They are very good in foreplay and acting. We can customize your private label, please contact us:Email: 


Contact: Olya


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