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Eurolatex Sdn Bhd (ELT) manufacturer condoms in Malaysia

Eurolatex Sdn Bhd (ELT) is a leading manufacturer of high quality condoms in Malaysia. ELT supplies different types of condoms worldwide, from textured, coloured to flavoured condoms. Our company is capable of mass production using efficient machines according to German technology.

Our products are all made of high quality rubber latex. Malaysia's strategic location along the equator makes it rich in natural resources, one of which is natural rubber latex. We assure our customers that our rubber sources are the best in the industry. With the top quality natural rubber latex used in our condoms, we are confident in ensuring continuous production of high quality condoms. A wide range of latex supplies from Malaysia to Thailand helps us maintain a steady supply, which in turn helps us maintain a smooth production process with fewer setbacks. You can order your own brand in our factory.



Contact: Olya


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