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edible gummy condoms

Flavored condoms are the same as regular condoms but with your favorite flavors added to the personal lubricant in the condoms. It’s a simple change, but the added flavoring slightly changes the condom’s function.

As for the Condoms, What are they? A male condom is a thin sheath that is placed over the penis for safe sex. They help protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They also serve as a barrier method to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The condom stops sperm from reaching a woman's egg.

Using flavored condoms. Traditional male condoms can be used for oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Flavored edible condoms are specifically intended for oral sex. Using flavored condoms for other forms of sex can pose health risks, The ingredients used in flavored condoms can cause irritation and infection. Flavored lubricant alternatives. Flavored condoms have flavoring added to the lubricant.

As an alternative to a flavored condom, flavored lube can be used with an unlubricated condom. However, not all lubricant is safe to swallow. Exercise caution and read labels before experimenting. MAKE sure the lube are edible and allow to swallow.

As a custom condom company, we can custom produce as clients own flavor condoms or own flavor or taste lube, welcome inquiry us by email:


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