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edible condoms

Edible Condoms candy sheaths (novelty use only) These are not real condoms. Gag item only! This isn't for real use, but which also can be real use too if Premium Lubricated Condom Pack with Unflavored Edible Lubricant, Organic & Vegan-Safe Max Fun & Pleasure Latex Rubbers.

Many flavored external condom brands advertise great flavors and alluring smells. The flavor is either added to the lubricant or coated on the condom. You will find flavors such as mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, bacon, and cola. Sometimes they are colored to match the flavor, such as yellow for banana and red for strawberry.

Flavored external condoms are generally used for oral sex. In addition, many of the brands are also ISO/CE/FDA-approved for strength and protection. So consumers can use it freely.

As a professional condom maker approved by ISO/CE, We can custom produce as clients own flavor and own color in own label pack, welcome inquiry us by email:


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