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delay spray long time sex spray for men

Sex Delay sprays, as the name suggests, delay man's orgasm so that make long love, allowing sexual activity to continue longer. The sprays achieve their intended effect by slightly and temporarily numbing the nerves in a man's penis. You simply follow the instructions to spray a small amount of the product onto your penis and then wait a certain number of minutes prior to sexual activity.

Don't worry – the penis is highly sensitive, as you no doubt know, and a little numbing won't ruin anyone's enjoyment. In fact, some men report more intense orgasms while using delay spray as directed, because the pleasure builds more gradually over a longer period of activity. As long as you follow the instructions – using an acceptable amount of the delay spray and waiting the necessary amount of time afterward – then evidence, our testing experience and ample customer accounts suggest that you can confidently expect sexual activity that lasts longer for you and your partner. Lidocaine and Benzocaine are the main active ingredients, most clients choose the Benzocaine ingredient.

As an custom condom and lubricant supplier, we can custom produce for clients own label sex spray, MOQ is 1000 bottles, Lead time at 30-40 days, Email:


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