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Custom water lubricant sachets for sale

As almost all of our condom clients also purchase the lube, so our company invest in the lube's production. Now our company has launched 5ml and 10ml sachets of lubricants individually packaged in 5ml/10ml sachets with water based lubricants. Water-based lubricants are non-greasy, non-irritating, and fat-free, and can be friendly used in latex condoms, Polyurethane condom still need use the silicone based lubricant . Water-based lubricant is a clear and transparent water-based lubricant that will give you pleasure and comfort due to its high lubricating power.

As a professional ISO/CE certified lubricating jelly oil factory, we can also custom produce lubricating oil in customer's own brand, the MOQ is 100 000 packs, So easy to start own brand lube project now, why not hesitate? welcome inquiry us by Email:


Contact: Olya


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