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Custom OEM condom private label 49mm small size condom

OEM condoms come in all types and sizes. Whether you're longer or tighter, there's a comfortable condom that's right for you. Plus, you'll find comfortable condoms with lots of exciting features, including heating, stinging, flavoring, ribbing, texture, and more.

With a tight-fitting condom, you get:

MORE SENSE: A condom that sits snug and flush with your skin will allow you to feel more heat, movement and moisture from your partner.

Prevents STIs & Pregnancy: A properly fitted condom provides maximum protection during vaginal, anal and oral sex.

BUILD CONFIDENCE: Comfortable condoms feel like a part of you. You perform better when your condom fits with confidence.

Non-Slip Fit: Tired of readjusting condoms that stretch or bunch up? It's time to try a comfortable condom that fits you perfectly.

The smaller size condoms give you the snug fit you need for extra feel and confidence in the bedroom. welcome to inquire!



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