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Custom logo condoms Producers

If you're finding a great way to promote your business or products, Custom condom is what you need. Design your own logo condom from several different ways we offer.  very inexpensive and makes a bold statement. We can help you come up with a great tagline and even help you with your design artworks. Custom condoms are better than business cards hands down. OEMcondoms offers Full Color Printed Foil Condoms, Clear Cellophane wrappers and White foil clear labeled condoms. For ten years we have been printing on condoms and making customers happy.

Our custom made condoms use a clear permanent label that is machine applied to the colorful foil face side of our high quality latex condoms. The clear applied label gives the illusion that your logo or message has been printed directly onto the foil itself. The back side is either transparent to see the latex condom on the inside or colorful to hide the condoms. 

Customize your own printed condoms with your brand name, phone number, logo or whatever floats your dingy. All custom printed condoms are best quality for pregnancy and disease prevention and have expiration dates, Lot numbers and health advisories printed on the back of each condom. Our condom shelf life is 5 years. Today our condoms presented in many countries, which are indexes of reliability and quality and of cause it’s also a trust from consumers. To custom your own printed condoms, please contact condom factory.


Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-191-5379-1305

Contact: Linda

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