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Custom extra large size condoms to Fit You Perfectly

MANUFRegular size condom will tight for the African guys, so they prefer the large one. Our XL is a comfortable oversized condom designed to provide better comfort for those who are large guy. It's wider and more length and has a nipple shape for a better fit. Condoms are produced from clear natural rubber latex. Lubricate the condom with a mild non-spermicidal lubricant. All condoms are 100% electronically tested before leaving the factory. Their Nominal width: 55mm and length at 190mm.

The addition of flavored lubricants means they smell better, so there are no unpleasant distractions - you can relax and enjoy from the different flavors, the best seller flavor are strawberry and mint, we can make the lubricants as your requirements.

As a professional condom supplier in China, we can produce various size and types, latex and polyurethane both material are also workable, Welcome to inquire about customized extra large size condoms of your own brand.



Contact: Olya


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