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Custom condoms bulk manufacturer

As a Custom bulk Condom Manufacturer, we produce types of condoms who has been committed to offering many kinds of custom condoms for many years. We have our own factory to ensure that the quality of our condoms meets international standards. Our condom have obtained ISO 4074:2002; ISO13485; CE certificate.

1.Style: Plain / Ribbed / Dotted / colored / Spike/3 in1 with different flavors.

2.Material: Natural latex




6.Fragrance:Banana/Grape/Strawberry/Lemon etc

7.Lubricant:350-800mg/square foil pack, 250-400mg/rectangular foil pack.

8.Aluminum foil: Square pack/rectangular pack or customized by clients

9.Colors:Natural or customized by clients

10.Packing: 3pcs/box,3pcs/wallet,10pcs/box ,12pcs/box,bulk packing,etc

To Custom Your Own Brand Condom , Please send us Email:


Contact: Olya

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