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condom producer production process

First step Collecting the raw materials

  • 1 Natural Rubber latex is obtained from the milky fluid produced by various tropical plants. Latex is actually an emulsion or dispersion of tiny rubber particles in water, and ingredients added to the latex must be able to attach to the rubber particles during compounding.

Ingredients Compounding

  • 2 Next step, chemical additives are mixed to form a paste. This paste is then blended with the liquid latex in a process called compounding in the tank.

Latex Storage

  • 3 The latex and chemical compound is then unloaded into drums for storage, where it remains for approximately seven days. During this period, vulcanization chemically strengthens the bonds of the latex rubber. The storage time also allows any air, which might have been trapped in the mixture during compounding, to escape.

Glass forms Dipping

  • 4 The tempered glass rods move along a closed belt between two circular gears. The belt drags the glass rods, which are called mandrels, through a series of dips into the latex compound. The mandrels rotate to spread the latex evenly. Several coats are required to build the condom to its required thickness. Between each dip, the latex is hot air dried.

  • 5 After the final dipping and drying, the condoms automatically roll off the glass mandrels. A machine shapes and trims the ring of latex at the base of each condom. then a complete condom production is complete.

The final steps are the vulcanization and electronic testing and then the packing, after marketing it into the consumers' hand, they will enjoy the new product's feeling. As a professional condom factory, welcome inquiry us to produce your own brand condom, we can custom produce for you. Email:


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