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Colored Condom Custom Factory

Colored condoms are suitable for use anywhere a normal latex condom would be appropriate.

Colored condoms are a nice way to change the pace in the bedroom. It can be a fun way to spice up your sex life. I like to say that they add some fashion to your passion.

Except the color, also can add the flavors for the colored condoms. Lubricants that are flavored and scented. They're great to use during sex love, especially if you or your partner dislike the taste and smell of latex, as they mask any unpleasant scent.

There are flavors match the condom color. Such as red or pink color condom with strawberry flavor, green color condom with apple flavor, yellow color condom with banana flavor or orange flavor, black color condom with chocolate flavor, and so on.

Colored Condom with types plain, dotted, ribbed, contoured, and it can custom produce with small size condom, regular size condom and large size condom.

As a professional Custom Condom Factory, we can custom produce different colored condoms and flavored condoms. Welcome inquire us.


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