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buttercup condoms manufacturing plant

NEW package at OEM Condoms! The hottest thing in condoms is finally here: condom buttercups.which is a brand new type package, as the normal foil wrapper pack already used many years.

Remember the butter or jam packets from your favorite local breakfast spot? Well that is where condom buttercups got their name from! Forget the hassle of trying to rip a wrapper, just peel back the cover and you are good to go. Try the new pack condom today!

Your art is printed directly on a white buttercup.Buttercup Condoms come in intuitive, always-right-side-up wrappers so the condom rolls on the right way every time. No teeth required to open, and no awkward fumbling to get it on (the condom, that is)! The best condom to use for your first time - or any time. And the container capsule packs looks more fashionable than regular foil wrapper.

Now we can offer regular condom in the buttercup pack, and the smaller finger condom also is workable now, we created the mini buttercup specially for the finger condom too, or if you has any new idea of the buttercup, our engineers can custom produce for you, welcome inquiry us by email:


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