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branded condom for girls and lesbian

Most consumers are familiar with male condom, which is wide sold worldwide. if there is a condom designed for girls? yea, there already has it on market, but not so well known. A female condom is a thin pouch made of rubber or polyurethane that's inserted into the vagina before sex to prevent conception. It has a soft, flexible ring at each end to hold it in place. The ring at the closed end goes inside the vagina, while the ring at the open end stays outside which easily for consumers to hold it.

The female condom, like the male condom, is a barrier method of contraception. Both prevent pregnancy by containing semen and keeping it from entering into vagina. Because it lines the vagina and covers part of the area around the entrance to the vagina, the female condom can also help protect both partners from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when used correctly by both partners.

Our company now can produce the polyurethane female condom, which means less risk of allergic reactions, it's well accepted by most consumers instead of latex female condoms, welcome inquiry us if you plan build own brand PU female condom, we can custom produce for you. Email:


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